Comovibebag Small Danish Pattern

30,00 kr.

Description of Comovibebag Small

Comovibebag is knitted from top of the back side to the bottom and up again on the front side from the bottom to the top. Knit sts on both the garter and purl sides. The front of the bag has a decorative V shaped with a lace pattern. The bag has two triangular sides, sewed on from wrong sides at the end. Additionally, the bag has a detachable chain handle so it can be used as a clutch or shoulder bag. The bag measures 23cm x 16cm x 6cm.

Needle size 6 mm circular needle in 20 or 60 cm.

Crochet hook 5 for attaching fringes.

Zipper: black or white zipper with gold closure 18 cm long.

Sewing needle and thread to fit the lining of the bag and to sew the zipper.

Wool needle to sew in thicker yarn, which is used to sew the bag together.

Yarn alternatives Comovibebag is worked either with 2 strands: 1 A and 1 B OR with a combination of 6 strands as explained in alternative C

Alternative A: Infinity Hearts Barbante 250g/180m. Consumption 220g OR Infinity Hearts Ribbon 250g/120m. Consumption 250g OR Chunky Cotton or other ribbon yarn from Garnspecialisten.

Alternative B: Drops Melody 50g/140m. Consumption 30g. Alternatively, use a wool scrap from your stash for yarn B, which you can hit the knitting gauge with. Many different types can be used.

Alternative C: 4 strands Jeans 50g/155m from Cewec. Consumption 200g AND 1 thread Glitter 25g/110m from Cewec. Consumption 25g AND 1 thread Dolce 50g/150m from Cewec. Consumption 30g.

Gauge 10 cm = 13 sts with needle size 6 mm K on both RS and WS. K

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