Love Your Body Bikini Danish Pattern

55,00 kr.

Beginner-friendly Pattern


Description of Love Your Body Bikini The top is knitted top down. First knit an I-cord cord, which is knitted directly into one cup. The bowl has pearl knit all around the edge. First make increases on each side of the bowl. On the smallest sizes, the increases are changed a little down the bowl to fit around a raglan stitch. Knit one or more Viennese rows at the bottom of the bowl so that the top has a regular cup shape to accommodate a breast. The two bowls are knitted together with a band of pearl knit. The top also has I-cord cords to tie in the back.

Worked from bottom up on each side. Make increases in each side, as well as a pearl edge all around. Knit I-cord cords in each side to tie the bottom together. If desired, one or more of the I-cord cords can be finished with beads.

Sticks sock sticks 3,5 mm. Circular needle 3,5 mm in 80 cm.

Yarn alternatives The bikini is knitted in 2 strands of bamboo yarn. Any bamboo yarn with 50-70% bamboo and the rest cotton can be used. There are a lot of brands that produce it.

The bikini, for which the pattern is made, is knitted in 2 strands:

Colour 1: Blend Bamboo from Hjertegarn 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. 50g/150m. Col. 3255 (Orange) for bowls and base.

Colour 2: Bamboo from Vikingegarn 50% bombus and 50% cotton. 50g/110m. Col. 665 (pink) for I-cord cord and edge.

Knitting tension 10 cm x 10 cm = 21 sts x 31 rows with needle size 3.5 mm stocking stitch in 2 strands Blend Bamboo from Hjertegarn.

Size selection Size (1) 2 (3) 4 (5) 6 (7)

All our amazing female bodies are different so Love Your Body Bikini should be knitted to your measurements and adapted to you. There is a big difference in the measurements of an A-H cup. That's why this pattern contains numbers instead of letters.

It's a good idea to find an old bikini or underwear that you think fits well. Measure this outfit in addition to yourself. This will give you a better idea of what measurements you need to knit the bikini to. You need to knit the top according to your bra cup size. Therefore, measure the width of your chest and your bra cup. The circumference of your bikini top is made of straps and can therefore be easily tightened in and out. It is the cup that should fit.

You need to knit the bottom piece to measure. Measure both yourself and a pair of knickers you like. Choose your size accordingly. Remember that the measurements of the bikini bottom are without straps. The straps come in addition and can easily be tightened in and out.

Cup size (1) 2 (3) 4 (5) 6 (7)
Cup size: width and depth of the cup   


18 cm

3 cm

20 cm

4 cm

23 cm

5 cm

27 cm

7 cm

30 cm

10 cm

37 cm

12 cm

45 cm

14 cm

Yarn consumption 100g 120g 140 g 150g 200g 240g 270g
Hip measurement in cm (80) 90 (100) 110 (120) 130 (140)
Body measurements in circumference below the navel in cm. (65) 75 (85) 95 (105) 115 (125)
Bottom width in cm without straps.


15 cm/

20 cm

17 cm/

25 cm

20 cm/

30 cm

27 cm/

40 cm

30 cm/

50 cm

40 cm/

60 cm


70 cm

Yarn consumption 100g 100g 100g 100g 150g 150g 180g

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