Love Your Body Bikini English Pattern

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Beginner Friendly Pattern


Description of Love Your Body Bikini The top is worked top down by first creating an i-cord strap which will directly be attached to the cup. The edges of the cup are worked with moss sts. At first, the increases are placed at the edges of each cup. Later on, the increases move to the center fo the cup surrounding a raglan st, but only in the smaller sizes. The larger sizes continue increases along the edges but the intensity increases when the raglan st is implemented in the smaller sizes. At last, the shape of the cup is created by pleats. The second cup is created likewise followed by the merge of the cups with a band of moss sts. The top also has i-cord straps to tighten the top on the bag. The bottom is worked from the bottom and up on both the front and the back. Increases are worked along the edges, which are again formed by moss sts. I-cord straps are worked on each side of the bottom such that the bikini bottom can be tied together. If you prefer, the straps can be decorated with pearls if you prefer it that way. 

Needles double pointed needles (dpns) 3,5 mm. Circular needle 3,5 mm (80 cm wire). 

Yarn suggestions The bikini is worked holding 2 strains of bamboo yarn. All bamboo yarn containing at least 50-70% bamboo (and 30-50% cotton) are appropriate alternatives to the suggested yarn.

The bikini pattern is worked with 2 strains:

Color 1: Blend Bamboo from Hjertegarn 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. 50g/150m. Col. 3255 (Orange) for the cups and the bottom.  

Color 2: Bamboo from Vikingegarn 50% bomboo and 50% cotton. 50g/110m. Col. 665 (pink) for i-cord straps and the edges. 

Gauge 10 cm x 10 cm = 21 sts x 31 rows stockinette sts with needle 3,5 mm and 2 strains of bamboo yarn.

Choosing of size Size (1) 2 (3) 4 (5) 6 (7) Since all of our bodies are shaped differently, the Love Your Body Bikini should be altered to your very own body, such that the finished garment suits you the very best. Generally, there is a huge difference in how cup A-H fits, why this pattern uses numbers instead of the classic letters for measurement. To alter your garment better, find an old bikini or your favorite bra and undies to compare your new bikini to. This is done in addition to the measures you obtain from your body such that the bikini will fit your present body and shapes. Measure the width of your breast and create an estimate of how “full” your breasts are. This can easily be measured with a bra (that contains patting). Remember, your cup must fit you and not the other way around. The bikini bottom should be created partly from your measures and the pattern, but should also mirror the size of an existing pair of panties you own. The bottom is measured without the straps. The latter is an addition to the measures below, such that you can tie the bottom, just how you prefer. 

Cup size (1) 2 (3) 4 (5) 6 (7)
Length of arrow 1 and depth of the cup in question 18 cm

3 cm

20 cm

4 cm 

23 cm

5 cm

27 cm

7 cm

30 cm

10 cm

37 cm

12 cm

45 cm

14 cm

Total yarn consumption, top 100g 120g 140g 150g 200g 240g 270g
Hip width measured in cm (80) 90 (100) 110 (120) 130 (140)
Circumference below the belly bottom in cm (illustrated by arrow 2) (65) 75 (85) 95 (105) 115 (125)
Width of the bottom (w/o straps)

Front / back piece

15 cm/

20 cm

17 cm/

25 cm

20 cm/

30 cm

27 cm/

40 cm

30 cm/

50 cm

40 cm/

60 cm



70 cm

Total yarn consumption, bottom 100g 100g 100g 100g 150g 150g 180g

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