Comovibe Neck English Pattern

45,00 kr.

Description of Comovibe Neck The Comovibe Neck is worked from the bottom of the front and up, sculpting the neckline followed by working the back piece. The work starts out with a twisted rib, followed by stockinette sts. Just above the bust area, there is a decorative V-shaped eyelet pattern. The Comovibe Neck is decorated with twisted ribbing on the turtleneck, both edges of the back and front piece along with the top and bottom of the garment. Along the twisted rib edges on the front, increases are worked such that the front piece will create a trapezoid shape, whereas the back piece creates a regular square due to a lack of decreases.

Needles: Circular needles 4,5 mm (60-80 cm) and circular needles 3,5 mm, 40 cm.

Stitch markers: 3 pieces.

Gauge: 10 x 10 cm = 17 sts x 25 rows in stockinette sts with 5 mm needles.

Yarn suggestions: The Comovibe Neck is worked with 2 strains held together. Either

Kamma 50g/175m and Angel 25g/210m both by Permin.


2-ply mohair 50g/175m and Brushed Lace 25g/210m both by Mohair by Canard.

Sizes: (1) 2 (3) The Comovibe Neck is designed to nearly reach the edge of your shoulder. Find the correct size by measuring your shoulder width. Please note that this measurement should be measured on your back.





Width of your shoulder in cm




Width of the Comovibe Neck over shoulders in cm




Length of the Comovibe Neck measured from the shoulder and down in cm




Kamma by Permin

150 g

150 g

150 g

Angel by Permin

50 g

50 g

50 g





2-ply mohair by Mohair by Canard

150 g

150 g

150 g

Brushed Lace by Mohair by Canard



50 g


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