Sailor Vibe Sweater English Pattern

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Description of Sailor Vibe Sweater

The Sailor Vibe Sweater is worked top down in garter stitch with raglan increases and stripes. First, the collar is worked in 2×2 rib, where after short rows are used to sculpt the neckline. The yoke of the sweater is worked back and forth and a stockinette stripe is worked between the increase stitches. The fourth raglan stripe is formed from the open raglan increase using double knit on both sides. On the middle of the bust, the yoke is divided into sleeves and body, which are all finished separately. The stockinette stripes continue down each side of the body and on the flipside of the sleeves. The sweater is worked with two different colors throughout the entire sweater. The edges are 2×2 rib.

The Sailor Vibe Sweaters on the pictures
There are 2 different versions of the Sailor Vibe Sweater in the pictures. The first 5 pictures show a version with white stripes, knitted in Amira cotton. The cotton sweater is knitted in the size indicated in the pattern. That is, with a bust size of 100 cm, size 4 is knitted, which is 95-100 cm and circumference 106 cm. The last 5 pictures show a sweater with off-white stripes, which is knitted in wool and is oversized. That is, for a bust size of 100 cm, size 5 is knitted, which is 100-110 cm and circumference 116 cm.

Choosing of size (1) 2 (3) 4 (5) 6 (7) 8
Since the Sailor Vibe Sweater is created using garter sts, the sweater will grow approximately 7-10% when washed and worn, why it is important not to choose too large a size. The Sailor Vibe Sweater is designed to have a positive ease of 5-15 cm. Therefore, measure yourself around the bust (or the widest place on your upper body) and choose your size accordingly. Choose the size according to your bust size. If you are in doubt, go for the smaller size.

Size i cm: (1) 80-85, 2 85-90, (3) 90-95, 4 95-100, (5) 100-110, 6 110-120, (7) 120-130, 8 130-140
Circumference i cm (91), 96, (101), 106, (116), 126, (136), 146
Length in cm measured from shoulder: (54) 54 (54) 54 (58) 58 (58) 58
Sleeve length measured from seperating the toke to the bottom (in cm): 40

The stripes are worked in two different colors. At the Sailor Vibe Sweater, shown on the pictures, all the rib edges and the small stripes are worked in a navy color (color 1). The broad stripes are worked in an white/off-white color (color 2). The stripes are created in the frequency of working 4 rows using color 1 and 6 rows using color 2.
Needles: Circular needles 5 mm (40, 80, 120 cm). Double pointed needles (dpns) 4 mm unless you use the magic loop technique when working the sleeves. Circular needles 4 mm (40, 80, 120 cm) for the rib edges.
Stitch markers: 9 pcs.
Buttons: 9-10 pcs for size 1-4 and 11 pcs for size 5-8.
Gauge: 10 cm x 10 cm = 16 sts x 26 rows in garter stitches using needle 5 mm in your chosen yarn.

Yarn suggestions: the Sailor Vibe Sweater is worked using one strain of yarn.
Amira by Lang Yarns 50g/100m, 93% cotton and 7% Nylon.
Carpe Diem by Lang Yarns 50g/90m, 70% merino extra fine and 30% alpaca.

Yarn Consumption:
Amira from Lang Yarns color 1 in skeins: (6) 6 (7) 7 (7) 7 (8) 8
Amira from Lang Yarns color 2 in skeins: (5) 5 (6) 6 (6) 6 (8) 8
Carpe Diem from Lang Yarns color 1 in skeins: (6) 7 (7) 7 (7) 7 (8) 9
Carpe Diem from Lang Yarns color 2 in skeins: (5) 6 (6) 7 (7) 7 (8) 9

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