Air Vibe Scarf - English Pattern

40,00 kr.

Description of Air Vibe Scarf:
The Air Vibe Scarf is knitted from one tip to the other. Increases are made on one side during the first half of the scarf. When the center of the scarf is reached, decreases are worked on the same side where the increases were made until there are 6 stitches remaining. The entire scarf is knitted in alternating sections of a simple lace pattern and garter ridges.

The scarf comes in 2 versions:
Version 1: Features 6 garter ridges between the lace pattern. (At the photos the pink, brown and gold Scarf are version 1).
Version 2: Has 3 garter ridges between the lace pattern. (At the photos the light purple is version 2).
An i-cord edge is continuously knitted on both sides of the scarf. Both scarves have the same size since the frequency of increases and decreases is the same.
After washing, the scarf measures 17 cm at the widest point and 118 cm in length.
The short gold version measures 76 cm in length and 13 cm in width. The gold version can be knitted with 3 or 6 garter ridges between the lace pattern, according to personal preference.

The scarf can be knitted with 1 or 2 strands and is also ideal for using leftover yarn.
Yarn Alternatives for 1 Strand:
1 strand of Önling No 1, 75% merino wool, 25% angora, 50g/180m from Önling (Color used in the picture: Bolsana and Pink).
Consumption: Approximately 45g. One skein is sufficient for one scarf.

Yarn Alternatives for 2 Strands:
1 strand of Önling No 10, 70% mohair, 30% silk, 210m per 25g. (Color used in the picture: 3628) knitted together with 1 strand of Önling No 12, 55% wool, 45% cotton, 800m per 115g.
Consumption: Approximately 15g of Önling No 10 (Color used in the picture: 3628) knitted together with approximately 20g of Önling No 12 (Color used in the picture: 14).

Yarn Alternatives for 2 Strands Short Gold Version (Length 76 cm, Width 13 cm):
1 strand of Shiny from Krea Deluxe, 80% viscose, 20% polyester, 95m per 25g knitted together with 1 strand of Deluxe Silkmohair from Krea Deluxe, 45% silk, 33% mohair, 22% baby alpaca.
Consumption: Approximately 25g of Shiny Krea Deluxe knitted together with approximately 20g of Krea Deluxe Silkmohair.

Needles: Circular needle 4.5mm.
Gauge: 10cm x 10cm = 20 stitches x 28 rows on a 4.5mm needle in the textured pattern with your chosen yarn AFTER WASHING. Lace pattern and texture change after washing, so gauge should be measured after washing and blocking. However, as the Air Vibe Scarf is a scarf, gauge is not as critical. It may affect the size of the scarf, but the pattern is forgiving and will still look great in different sizes. 🙂

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