Comovibebag size L Danish Pattern

30,00 kr.

Description of Comovibebag size large Comovibebag is knitted from the bottom of the lid and out in one piece, which is then folded. It is knitted on both the garter and purl sides. Above the lid of the bag is a decorative V shaped with a lace pattern. Iron the front of the bag and work two sides, sewing on from the wrong side at the end. The bag has a double handle: a warp with a thread through it and a handle that is double knitted.

The bag measures 31cm x 18cm x 8cm.

Needle size 6 mm circular needle in 20 or 60 cm.

Crochet hook 3, 4 or 5.

Sewing needle and thread to match the iron lining in the bag (black).

Wool needle for sewing in thicker yarn.

Chain, carabiners, iron lining and magnetic locks can be purchased in a package on this site.

Yarn alternatives Comovibebag is knitted in thread A and B

Alternatives for A: 350 g. Infinity Hearts Barbante 250g/180m OR 500g Infinity Hearts Ribbon 250g/120m OR Chunky Cotton or other ribbon yarn from Garnspecialisten.

Alternatives for thread B: 70 g Drops Melody OR 70 g Chunky Alpaca from Knit Your Vibe. Both yarns run 140m/50g. Alternatively, use a wool scrap from your stash for yarn B, which you can hit the knitting gauge with. Many different types can be used.

Knitting tension 10 cm = 12 sts with needle size 6 mm knit on both RS and WS.

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