Comovibesweater Alpaca Edition Danish Pattern

55,00 kr.

Description of Comovibesweater alpaca edition Comovibesweater alpaca edition is knitted from the bottom up. First with a rib edge with a purl and then in stocking stitch. Above the chest is a decorative V shaped with a lace pattern. The sweater has an I-cord edge at the neck opening. The sleeves are knitted from the bottom with a long rib edge in a garter stitch and with visible increases on the outside of the sleeves. The shoulders have large puffs that are shaped with viener yarn. The sleeves are crocheted on the body in a contrasting colour if desired, so that the assembly is visible and part of the design.

Needles: circular needle size 5 mm in 20 cm and 60/80 cm and circular needle size 6 mm in 60/80 cm. Double pointed needles 5 and 6 if you do not want to use magic loop technique when knitting sleeves.

When you need to start measuring the length of the body, you can also choose to knit with the magic loop technique on circular needle size 6 120 cm. Then you can take it off and put it on as crazy as you like without losing stitches. Just an idea 🙂

Crochet hook size 3, 4, or 5 as the sweater is crochet-mounted.

Mask markers: 6 pcs. Important that they can be opened.

Knitting tension: 10 cm x 10 cm = 14 sts x 20 rows on needle size 6 mm.

Yarn alternatives: the Comovibesweater alpaca edition can be knitted with single or double thread.

Yarn alternatives for single thread:

Hand dyed Chunky Alpaca from Knit Your Vibe 50g/140m OR

Drops Melody 50g/140m OR

Brushed Wool and Alpaca from Hjertegarn 50g/150m

Yarn alternatives for double thread:

Camarose Snowflake 50g/110m AND Silk mohair 25g/210m OR

Brushed wool and alpaca from Hjertegarn 50g/150m AND Silk mohair 25g/210m.

If you choose to knit with 2 strands, the expression will be more solid than if you knit with single strand.

Choice of size Size. (1) 2 (3) 4 (5) Comovibesweater is designed to fit and give a lot in use and when washed. You should therefore measure yourself and choose your size based on your chest measurement (or the widest point of your torso). When you knit the Comovibesweater and lay it flat on a table, it will have the length measurement as indicated below, but not the chest measurement. However, when you use the top, it will fit you if you choose the size based on your chest measurement.

To get the right length of Comovibesweater, it is a good idea to try the body along the way. The length of the body "pulls" up (up to 9 cm) when you put it on, because the body is tight. The body will therefore not have the length measurement shown below when you put it on. So remember to try the top on! If necessary, knit the body longer and buy more yarn if you want extra length.

(1) 2 (3) 4 (5)
Chest measurement in cm 80-90 90-95 95-100 100-110 110-120
Length in cm measured from shoulder 53 55 57 59 61
Brushed wool/alpaca from Hjertegarn 50g/150m 300 grams 300 grams 300 grams 300 grams 350 grams
Drops Melody 50g/140 m. 300 grams 300 grams 350 grams 350 grams 400 grams
Hand dyed Chunky alpaca from KnitYourVibe 50g/140 m 300 grams 300 grams 350 grams 350 grams 400 grams
Camarose Snowflake 50 g/110m 400 grams 400 grams 500 grams 500 grams 550 grams
Silk mohair 25g/210 m 100 grams 100 grams 100 grams 150 grams 150 grams

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