Summer Vibe Jacket English Pattern

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Description of Summer Vibe Jacket The Summer Vibe Jacket is worked top down with raglan increases to shape the yoke. The jacket is worked in garter stitch (knit on both RS and WS) with a stockinette stripe between the increases. On the middle of the bust, the work is divided into the body and the sleeves. The stockinette stripe continues along the body and on the flipside of the sleeves. The balloon sleeves are worked without decreases before the ribbing edge. In the end, the button plackets are worked in double knitting where the buttonholes are created along the way and continue up to create a collar. These edges are similar to stocking stitch to match the between the increases, uniting the design.

Choosing of size Size (1) 2 (3) 4 (5) 6 The Summer Vibe Jacket is designed to be slim fit and will thus expand when used and washed. Therefore, measure yourself around the bust (or the widest place on your upper body) and choose the size accordingly.

(1) 2 (3) 4 (5) 6
Chest size in cm 80-90 90-100 100-110 110-120 120-130 130-140
Length in cm, measured from the shoulder 48 49 49 49 49 49
Length of sleeves in cm measured from separating the yoke and the sleeves. 40 40 40 40 40 40
1 strain yarn suggestions:
"Bouclé" by Mohair by Canard in grams 400 500 600 600 800 800
Hamelton Tweed 2 by Soul-Wool in grams 750 750 800 800 1050 1250
2 strain yarn suggestion:
Strain a: Tilia by Filcolana in grams 125 125 150 175 200 225
Strain b: Peruvian by Filcolana in grams 450 450 500 600 700 750
Strain b: Chunky alpaca by Knit Your Vibe in grams 30 30 30 50 50 50
3 strain yarn suggestion:
Tibet by Cewec in grams 100 125 125 125 175 200
Whisper Lace by Cewec in grams 100 150 175 200 200 200
Multi-silk mohair by Cewec in grams 125 125 150 175 200 225

Yarn suggestions

The Summer Vibe jacket can be worked with 1, 2, or 3 strains of yarn. If you work with two or three strains you can create mellow transition between colors, by only changing one strain of yarn at a time.

1 strain

Bouclé by Mohair by Canard 100 gr./170m.

Hamelton Tweed 2 by Soul-wool 50g/60m

2 strains

Peruvian by Filcolana 100m/50g OR Chunky Alpaca by Knit Your Vibe AND Tilia by Filcolana 210m/25g.

3 strains

Tibet by Cewec 25g/190m AND Whisper Lace by Cewec 50g/400m AND Multi Silk-Mohair by Cewec 25g/210m.

Needles: Circular needle 6 mm (80-120 cm), 5 mm (100 cm for the button plackets), and 6 mm (80 cm-120 cm for majority of the work). Double pointed needles (dpns) 5 and 6 mm unless you make use of the magic loop technique, in which case you will need a 120 cm wire instead of dpns for the sleeves.

Stitch markers: 8 pcs, it is important that they are large enough for a 6 mm needle.

Bottoms: 4 pcs, 20 mm bottoms.

Gauge 10 cm x 10 cm = 16 sts x 26 rows garter stitches (knit sts on RS and WS) with needle 6 mm with one strain of each of your chosen yarn alternatives.

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