Comovibebag Medium Danish Pattern

30,00 kr.

Description of Comovibebag Medium Comovibebag is knitted from the bottom of the lid and out in one piece, which is then folded. It is knitted on both the right and wrong sides. Above the lid of the bag is a decorative V shaped with a lace pattern. The bag is crocheted together at the end so that the crochet stitches are visible and part of the design. The bag has a chain handle with a thread through the chain. You can choose to iron the lining of the bag before it is crocheted together, but this is not necessary. However, if you want to use the bag for heavy items such as a mobile phone, the lining provides some extra hold. The finished bag measures 14 x 25 x 4 cm. The pattern is very beginner friendly and without any twists! 🙂

Needle size 6 mm for 20 cm. Crochet hook 5.

Yarn alternatives Comovibebag Medium is knitted in thread A AND B OR ONLY C

Alternatives for A: 200g Infinity Hearts Barbante 250g/180m OR 130g DMC Nova Vita 4 250g/200m OR 130g Chunky Cotton or other ribbon yarn from Garnspecialisten.

Alternatives for B: 50g Drops Melody OR 50g Chunky Alpaca from Knit Your Vibe. Both yarns run 140m/50g Alternatively use a wool scrap from your stash with which you can hit the knitting gauge. Many different types can be used.

Alternatives for C: 5-6 strands cotton yarn 8/4 from any brand, e.g. Mayflower. Check with a knitting test whether you need 5 or 6 threads. You will need about 300 grams for one bag.

Knitting tension 10 cm x 10 cm = 13 sts x 22 rows with needle size 6 mm knit on both RS and WS.

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