Comovibe Neck Danish Pattern

45,00 kr.

Description of Comovibe Neck: Comovibe Neck is knitted from the bottom up on the front piece and down over the back. First with a twisted rib edge and then in stocking stitch. Above the chest is a decorative V shaped with a lace pattern. Comovibe Neck has turned rib on both sides, in the turtleneck and top and bottom. Comovibe Neck has cut-outs along both sides of the front piece to form a trapezoid, while the back piece is shaped like a regular square.

Needles: circular needle size 4.5 mm for 60/80 cm and circular needle size 3.5 mm for 40 cm.

Machine markers: 3 pcs.

Knitting tension: 10 cm x 10 cm = 17 sts x 25 rows stocking stitch on needle size 5 mm.

Yarn alternative: Comovibe neck is knitted with double thread.

Alternative yarns: Kamma 50g/125m and 25g/210m both from Permin


2-strand mohair 50g/175m and Brushed Lace 25g/210m both from Mohair by Canard.

Size selection Size (1) 2 (3) Comovibe Neck is designed to reach almost to the edge of your shoulder. You should therefore measure yourself and choose the size based on your shoulder measurement. Please note that shoulder measurements are taken on the back.

(1) 2 (3)
Your shoulder measurement in cm 38 40 42
Width of Comovibe Neck v. shoulder in cm 37 39 41
Length of Comovibe Neck measured from shoulder down front in cm 45 46 47
Kamma from Permin 150 g 150 g 150 g
Angel from Permin 50 g 50 g 50 g
2-ply mohair from Mohair by Canard 150 g 150 g 150 g
Silk mohair/ Brushed Lace Mohair By Canard 50g 50g 50 g

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